Taking food (and chocolate) forward

Bean to bar chocolatier, Ethereal Confections, does things because they are worth doing and because sanity comes before sounding cool. The company, co-founded by owners Sara Miller and brother and sister duo Michael and Mary Ervin, make bean-to-bar chocolate and confections from scratch ingredients which are dairy, gluten and soy-free. Yum! 

The Woodstock Based Ethereal Confections has a food-foward cafe, as well as a speakeasy and events space, where local ingredients and glute, dairy and soy free items are the focus. Because people, like great eats, arent't a one-size-fits-all deal.

The local company, which has been profiled by Martha Stewart, Men's Journal and WGN Chicago, takes an equally scrumpulous approach when it comes to sourcing. Ethereal's owners have visited and met with the chocolate farmers with whom they work and prioritize fair conditions and organic ingredients. The company takes a feminine approach to both its lovely packaging and way of living, which means caring for community and customers as well as suppliers and staff. 

Ethereal: Real Chocolate. Real food. Good for all.

13 S. Benton St. | Woodstock
(Moving to 140 Cass St |Woodstock in August) 
815.687.0320 | etherealconfections.com