Welcome to the enchanting town of Woodstock, IL, where every year, the spirit of Groundhog Day comes alive in a celebration that transcends time and space. Unlike Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, it's Woodstock that served as the cinematic backdrop for the beloved film, and each February, the town becomes a pilgrimage site for fans from around the globe. As we gear up for Groundhog Day 2024, join us on a journey through the festivities that make Woodstock the ultimate destination for those looking to relive the magic of the iconic movie. From quirky traditions to heartwarming moments, this town embraces the essence of Groundhog Day like no other, making it a must-visit for enthusiasts and first-timers alike. Get ready to step into the world of perpetual deja vu as we unveil the complete guide to Groundhog Day 2024 in Woodstock, IL.
Groundhog Day Prognostication Feb 02

Will he see his shadow or won’t he? Will we have 6 more weeks of winter, or is spring right around the corner? Gather in the park in the town square for Woodstock Willie’s Prognostication. Come for all the festivities with our own Groundhog Day polka band. It’s all free but don’t…

"Official" Groundhog DayBreakfast Feb 02
  • Recurring every February 2nd

Immediately following the ceremony on the town square the official Groundhog Day breakfast will be held at the Woodstock Moose Lodge on Clay Street. A hearty breakfast will be served while our guests are entertained. Woodstock Willie will be on hand for pictures. Breakfast…

Drink to World Peace Feb 02
  • Recurring every February 2nd

Come to the bar where Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell ‘Drink to World Peace’ in the movie. The bar in the Public House restaurant in the Old Courthouse is closed for renovation. The party will be on the patio. Drink to World Peace and get a souvenir shot glass.

For more information on the festivities visit woodstockgroundhog.org