In McHenry County, strawberries typically peak in early to mid-June and typically last only a few weeks due to popularity. We are lucky to have a wide variety of farms that offer pick-your-own strawberries, so we want to give you a few tips and tricks to make the most out of your visit. 

  1. Walk carefully in the strawberry fields so that you do not damage plants or fruit along the edge of the row.  
  2. Only pick berries that are fully red. 
  3. Grasp the stem just above the berry between the forefinger and the thumbnail and pull with a slight twisting motion. 
  4. Handle berries carefully as they bruise easily. 
  5. Try to pick early in the day, or on cool, cloudy days as heat makes the berries become soft. 

Now let’s get out and pick! Make sure to use #visitmchenrycounty when sharing your strawberry picking adventures to be featured on our social media channels! 

Stade’s Farm & Market | Stade’s Farm & Market offers nearly 20 acres of prime strawberries for your enjoyment! Picking your own strawberries at Stade’s is a great way to spend a summer day with your family and friends. During strawberry season the farm is open daily from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM but we recommend you visit their website and/or Facebook page for the most recent picking, crop and weather conditions that may affect your u-pick experience. 

Tom’s Farm Market | Tom’s Farm Market has acres and acres of fresh strawberries available for the picking! Not only can you pick your own strawberries, but you can also visit Cheryl’s Café and the Farm Market to grab fresh baked strawberry donuts, breads, and pies. 


Other great places to pick strawberries: