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Embark on the McHenry County Coffee & Tea Trail: A Local Adventure Awaits

Welcome to the McHenry County Coffee & Tea Trail

Embark on a journey through the heart of McHenry County, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the soothing scents of tea await you. The McHenry County Coffee & Tea Trail is not just a route; it's an invitation to explore the local culture, one sip at a time. Launched on April 1st, this trail is a celebration of our community's passion for coffee and tea, showcasing the best of local and independently owned coffee shops and tea houses. Whether you're a resident looking to discover new favorites or a visitor eager to experience Northern Illinois' local flavors, the trail offers a unique adventure that caters to all coffee and tea enthusiasts.

How it works: Your Guide to the McHenry County Coffee & Tea Trail Challenge

Embarking on the McHenry County Coffee & Tea Trail is a straightforward adventure meant for every coffee and tea lover. Follow these steps to enjoy and participate in the trail challenge:

  • Download the Naturally McHenry County App: Your adventure begins with a quick download of the Naturally McHenry County App, available for both iOS and Android. This app will serve as your digital guide, helping you navigate through the trail with ease.
  • Explore and Check-In: Armed with the app, set out to explore the array of participating coffee shops and tea houses across McHenry County. At each location, use the app to check in, marking your journey through the trail.
  • Complete the Challenge and Claim Your Prize: After you've checked into 12 different locations, you're ready to submit your challenge. Simply hit the submit button at the top of the challenge within the app. Within 5 business days, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to claim your free, exclusive travel mug—a perfect companion for your future coffee and tea explorations.

Why join the trail? Uncovering the Perks and Prizes

  • Discover Local Gems: Each stop on the trail is a chance to uncover the unique story and flavor profile of McHenry County's coffee and tea shops. From cozy corners perfect for book lovers to vibrant spaces buzzing with community spirit, you're not just tasting beverages; you're experiencing the heart and soul of our local culture.
  • Support Small Businesses and Community Causes: Your check-ins do more than guide your journey; they support the local economy and the dreams of local entrepreneurs. Among the trail's stops are two noteworthy nonprofit coffee shops dedicated to supporting people in need within our community. By participating, you're not just enjoying a cup of coffee or tea; you're contributing to meaningful causes that make a real difference.
  • Earn Exclusive Rewards: The trail is not only a journey of discovery but also one of reward. Complete the challenge to receive a special travel mug, exclusively designed for those who've explored the trail. It's a token of our appreciation and a memento of your adventure through the local coffee and tea scene.
  • Connect with Fellow Enthusiasts: The McHenry County Coffee & Tea Trail is more than a collection of stops; it's a vibrant community of coffee and tea lovers. Share your journey, discoveries, and recommendations on social media using #mchcoffeeandtea . Engage with other participants, exchange stories, and uncover new favorites through the shared experiences of the trail community.

With these enriching experiences and contributions to local causes, the McHenry County Coffee & Tea Trail is an adventure that resonates with the heart, making every sip a step towards supporting our vibrant community.

Explore Participating Locations: Your Path to Local Flavors

The McHenry County Coffee & Tea Trail is a celebration of our community's best coffee shops and tea houses. Each stop offers its own unique flavor and atmosphere, making every visit a new adventure. Explore the complete list of participating locations below and to plan your journey. Dive into the local scene and uncover your new favorite spot today!


Coffee & Tea Shops

Sustainability and Community Support: The Heart of the Trail

The McHenry County Coffee & Tea Trail isn't just an invitation to explore the delightful tastes of our local coffee and tea shops; it's a journey that supports sustainability and community at its core. By participating in the trail, you're doing more than just enjoying a cup of your favorite brew; you're contributing to a greater cause:

  • Supporting Local Small Businesses: Each visit and check-in at our participating locations strengthens our local economy. These businesses are the backbone of McHenry County, providing jobs, fostering community spirit, and contributing to the diversity of our local marketplace.
  • Encouraging Sustainable Practices: Many of our trail partners are committed to sustainable practices, from sourcing ethically produced coffee and tea to minimizing waste. Your participation helps promote and support these efforts, contributing to a healthier planet.
  • Empowering Community Causes: Notably, the trail features nonprofit coffee shops dedicated to supporting people in need within McHenry County. Through your patronage, these shops can continue their vital work, providing assistance and opportunities to those who need them most.

The McHenry County Coffee & Tea Trail is more than a series of destinations; it's a commitment to supporting our community and environment. Every check-in, every cup enjoyed, and every story shared helps weave the fabric of a stronger, more connected McHenry County.